A professional designer, a self-taught painter; he has been living and working in Warsaw and Lublin for several years. He began developing his traditional oil painting skills at the turn of the century, and his attempts to find, polish up and advance in an independent workshop and narrative style continue to this day.

Grzegorz Czechowski’s painting is rooted in the imagination, and ephemeral frames torn from its interior preserve the mood of oneiric, ambiguous visions on the canvas, which, by juxtaposing well-known themes in a twisted way, build a space without attachment to suggestions, arbitrary in reception and ambiguous in discovering the sense read .

Compositions that are sometimes abstract, sometimes with a touch of realistic shapes, sometimes with absent space, are inseparable features of the message, and the very way of creating images with their characteristic vibrating “features” evokes the world of photographed memories.

The paintings provoke, to stop for a moment and focus on them, so that they can penetrate deep into the recipient’s imagination and extract meanings from it.